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Hello and thanks for visiting my site.

A lot has happened in the past month, as you can see. There are now about two dozen house plans for your viewing pleasure, and more being planned.

This is a companion site to my Earthbag House Plans site and, as you’ll see, both websites have much in common. That’s because 18″ thick walls allow for both materials to be used, either separately or together. Earthbags are excellent for foundations, earth-bermed walls and for certain climates. Straw bales excel at ease of construction and energy efficiency. Both building systems are light years above conventional stick frame construction. So, if you want to see more strawbale house plans, please visit my Earthbag House Plans site. With only a few exceptions (domes and subterranean structures) those same plans can be built with bales.

I added a new page on Building Details to better explain my plans and ideas. (See the tab above.) Hope this helps. And be sure to also read the Introduction to learn how you can build these plans for around $10/sq. ft. (materials only) if you do the work yourself. All home plans use natural building materials such as straw bales, earthbags, earth plaster, earth floors, recycled materials and rice hulls to keep costs to a minimum.

Details like porches, decks, etc. have been deleted so drawings better fit the limited space on this blog.

Also note, the plans are in no particular order. Some of the best plans are buried on the last (first) pages. You may find it easiest to browse by Categories — Polygonal, Round houses, etc. — by using the menu in the right column.

This site is set up to gather your feedback. I look forward to hearing your comments!

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