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Straw Bale Emergency Shelter

Straw Bale Emergency Shelter

Free plans are now available thanks to the efforts of Matts Myhrman, Judy Knox and Owen Geiger. These low-cost shelter plans include drawings and specifications in three formats – Microsoft Word, JPEG and HTML.

This simple shelter is extremely practical, especially once you realize it is quite easy to enlarge and enhance. It makes for a great training exercise. I have workshop participants build one of these shelters to learn basic strawbale building, and without fail everyone is genuinely amazed at how quick and easy it goes. If all the materials are stacked nearby, you can build it in about one hour, depending on how many helpers there are. Matts Myhrman made a video to show how this shelter can be built in about 10-15 minutes. Click here for more info.

Complete information is on my GRISB.org website.

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